About This Website

After many years of personal grudge, it was in late February of 2020 to which I’ve finally embraced the Inspector Gadget fandom once again. But with time, I’ve noticed an odd pattern from the 1999 movie adaptation: as you read between the lines, the story resembles that of the Osiris myth.

It was in early May of the same year that I had meet my Lord and Lady within the dream-realm.

As archetypes are often recycled in the collective unconscious, ancient deities from time to time want to be recognized much more. It is no wonder that fictional literature captivates one’s imagination, and from that, one eventually finds meaning from it.

This DIY faith I’m creating for myself is obviously based on Tameran Wicca and Pop Culture paganism. It's very syncretic: the lines are blurred between the fictional characters and their Netjeru counterparts. Nevertheless, the lore itself is a modernized reinterpretation of the Osiris myth.

The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
And ever mind the Rule of Three:
What ye send out, comes back to thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

from Amber K.'s "Covencraft: Witchcraft for Three Or More"

The 13 Goals of a Witch

Know yourself.
Know your craft (Wicca).
Apply knowledge with wisdom.
Achieve balance.
Keep your words in good order.
Keep your thoughts in good order.
Celebrate life!
Attune with the cycles of the earth.
Breathe and eat correctly.
Exercise the body.
Honor the God and Goddess

from Scott Cummingham's "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner"

The Wheel of The Year

Litha - Lammas - Mabon - Samhain
This section of the year is about how John Brown was accidentally incased in his boxy car and blown to bits by a mad man... Luckly, Brenda Bradford saw the good he had in his heart and decided to put him together again for her lifelong project. As the sunlight gradually grows weaker, so is the identity of John Brown...
Yule - Imbolc - Ostara - Beltane
...To which he then was reborn as Inspector Gadget! But a second violent altercation with the villain left him in a comatose state and nearing death. Nevertheless, his love for Brenda was so strong that he pulled himself together once more to finally arrest the murderer.